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Now Available ~ The Technology that helped Dan O'Brien win the Olympic Gold can help you, too

Computerized Postural and Neuromuscular Screening

Nervous system and postural stress wreak long-term havoc with most Americans. The best solution is a combination of chiropractic wellness care, therapeutic massage, and a personalized exercise program.

Dr. Allen offers this new, state-of-the-art diagnostic computer screening of your nervous system, muscle tension, and posture for about the price of one regular visit. As a further value-added service, he will develop a customized exercise program based on Chiropractic Biophysics and Pettibon Spinal Rehabilitation techniques to help correct postural faults that are detected. (Further information is available on these techniques at www.idealspine.com and www.pettiboninstitute.org.)

More About Biotonix and Posture

Below left: Scans of skin temperature and muscle activity give an insight into the function of the nervous system.

Below right: Posture photographs with computer analysis give a clear picture of stress. Combining these tools with x-rays and a thorough chiropractic examination enables Dr. Allen to give patients a comprehensive treatment plan.

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