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Ritalin or Nutrition?

The National Review (Oct. 1, 2001) clearly brought the doping of American children into focus. Quoting the Journal of the American Medi-cal Association, they point out that Ritalin, the drug used on kids who don't behave appropriately, is more potent than cocaine. The drug works to numb kids into submission by blocking 70% of the brain's neurotransmitters. That means close to three quarters of the brain is shut off. Cocaine only blocks 50%.

Ritalin also causes all kinds of side effects, including lethargy, depression, and suicidal ten-dencies. If you carefully examine all the school shooting cases, you will find that all the kids were on drugs and/or were under psychiatric therapy. Even the newest scientific knowledge-four mil-lion kids take a drug that can cause permanent brain damage-has not slowed doctors from pre-scribing Ritalin.

This is not difficult to understand. The parents and physicians are at their wits' end. And critically important-they feel as if they have no alterna-tives. Many of these kids are abused or have suf-fered great psychological trauma at the hands of their parents and others. What the physicians don't know is that the great majority of these "problem kids" suffer from brain starvation.

These kids eat nothing that provides nutrition for the most dynamic organ in their body-their brain. While shunning the foods that can fuel their brain, they gobble up huge quantities of non-foods that spell biochemical disaster for the brain. With-out an alteration of this habit, we cannot expect any improvement soon in this national disgrace.

With all kids, not just those who have "ADD" or "ADHD," attention must be paid to what they eat. They must eliminate processed foods, sodas, margarines, candies, sugar, and the like-the mainstay of the average teenager's diet. They must eat real foods in their whole form-including pro-teins from meat, fish, dairy, beans, and legumes; whole fruits, vegetables, and greens; and real fat like butter, flax oil, olive oil, and real cheese.

And most important, an alternative to Ritalin must be used for six to 24 months so the brain has a chance to return to normal. The premiere proto-col for "problem kids" is six Cataplex B, three Catalyn, and six Calcium Lactate tablets from Standard Process daily. If your child is hyper-active, substitute six Cataplex G for the Cataplex B. And in all cases have your kids take a teaspoon of raw flax oil daily, and a tablespoon if they are over age 12. This is real brain fuel.

This amazing protocol will not quell a hyper-active child into a drugged stupor like Ritalin. Rather it will normalize your child's brain func-tion-neither over stimulating or sedating. And when the choice is between creating future drug addicts with brain damage or normalizing your kids-isn't normalizing your first choice?

Source: Health Alert, January 2002, Volume 19, Issue 1

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