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Relieving Tension and Stress with Massage and Postural Correction

By Rick Allen, DC


I want to start getting massage therapy to help relieve tension and stress. I know there are different types of massage techniques, but what would be best for my purposes?


A light, gentle Swedish massage can be great for relieving tension and stress. The Trager technique of gentle rocking can be a great adjunct as well. However, if your tension and stress is the result of spending hours typing at a computer, there are additional techniques that can help get to the root of your problem. For this all-too-common situation, I recommend a postural assessment and correction with myofascial release followed by corrective exercise. A number of practitioners have advanced training in these areas and can possibly help: chiropractors, massage therapists, Feldenkrais practitioners, and Alexander teachers. Each of these practitioners has specific skills that can be of benefit. Typically, massage therapists focus only on loosening the muscles with stroking and kneading. Some have additional training in postural assessment and correction with myofascial release. Feldenkrais practitioners and Alexander teachers generally focus on teaching proper posture and body mechanics. Chiropractors focus on proper joint mechanics and they receive extensive training in postural analysis and correction. However, I find that many Chiropractors do not take the time to thoroughly work the muscles with massage or myofascial release. If you find one who will do all of these techniques and meets your needs, stick with that individual!

Dr. Allen prides himself on thoroughly addressing the muscles, joints, and body mechanics for a complete treatment.

Dr. Rick Allen is a chiropractor, massage therapist and dance student who is located in Trout Lake Washington. Dr. Rick welcomes your questions and suggestions for future articles. However, he cannot make specific diagnoses or treatment recommendations unless you visit him in person. He can be reached by phone at 509-395-0024 in Trout Lake email or on the World Wide Web: www.CascadeWellnessClinic.com

DISCLAIMER: The information included in this website is meant to encourage thinking concerning choices of care for and insight pertaining to possible causes of various problems. It is not a prescription for or diagnosis of any disease or condition. Suggestions are based on the assumption by the writer that a thorough examination was done previously and the reader is under care by a healthcare professional. This information is not a substitute for a live doctor.

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