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April 2001

Remember to wear good, supportive shoes when dancing.

By Rick Allen, DC

Remember to wear good, supportive shoes when dancing.

This month in my Insteparticle I cover the topic in more depth for men's shoes. The five factors that I consider keys to a good men's shoe are:

Men's dance shoes photo
  1. Shank - A solid steel shank will be good arch support. Test the shank by pressing into the arch of the shoe. The shank should not collapse.

  2. Counter - The counter should be solid and built strait on the heel.

  3. Laces - The best support is found in shoes that have a minimum of six eyelets on each side. Men's dance shoes often have three to five eyelets, which may be sufficient.

  4. Heel - The heel should be medium height. Men's ballroom shoes typically have 1-inch heels.

  5. Fit - The counter should be snug, the longitudinal and metatarsal arches should feel supportive, and there should be room for toe movement. The shoe may be snug at first. Ask your salesperson how much the shoes will stretch. You want them to be.

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